Career Profiles

Careers in STEM are rapidly expanding and changing, and they provide exciting and fulfilling opportunities for tomorrow's workforce. As demonstrated by the videos below, STEM careers are not one-size-fits-all.  The paths to rewarding careers in healthcare, engineering, manufacturing and technology vary but all are based on enthusiasm for STEM and the desire to positively impact society.

View the videos below to learn more about the opportunities, skills, interests, and ambitions that are part of an exciting career in STEM!

Career Profiles

Raj Batra
Raj Batra
President of Digital Industries for Siemens USA
4:37 min.
Learn from Raj Batra, the President of Digital Industries for Siemens USA, what the digitalization of manufacturing means for society and how we are connecting the design of products and the manufacturing of those products together. Hear what skills Raj had to learn through his journey to become Siemens USA President and how you, too, can have a successful career in digital manufacturing.
US Program Manager
Amanda Beaton
US Program Manager, Siemens Cooperates with Education
4:42 min.
Learn how a two-year degree can help aid students in entering the booming world of manufacturing including careers in robotics, automation, or engineering technology.
Reyna Sanchez
Denise Robertson & Reyna Sanchez
Skilled Technical Careers in Welding
4:58 min.
Follow along to hear Denise Robertson and Reyna Sanchez’s stories as to how they both became skilled trade workers within the welding field, helping to bring Siemens trains to life. Learn what skills welding entails and how it could be a great life path for your students.
Allison & Chris Jacobs
Skilled Technical Careers in Nuclear Medicine
5:07 min.
Learn about the opportunities that could be possible down the pathway of nuclear medicine. Alli and Chris Jacobs not only share a love for one another but also share a love for nuclear medicine. See how their stories could lead you on a path towards a STEM career.
David Pacitti
Skilled Technical Jobs in Healthcare
4:37 min.
Hear from head of Siemens Healthineers about how skilled technical jobs make up the backbone of healthcare and why these careers offer a great opportunity for a secure and rewarding job.
Emmeline D’Angelo
Senior Quality Engineer
2:58 min.
Emmy combined her passion for design and engineering while earning her degree and now uses both skills in her role to address and solve quality issues.
Chad Freutchtel
Senior Technical Instructor
2:52 min.
Chad has always been fascinated with how things worked, a curiosity that has led him to a successful technical career where he has worked his way up from an assembler, to field technician, and finally to instructor.
Crystal Cristescu
Project Manager
2:13 min.
Crystal followed a traditional college-to-career path and earned her degree in engineering before finding her best fit in a customer-facing role.
Douglas Rodriguez
Lathe Operator
1:49 min.
Douglas pursued a rigorous apprenticeship after high school, enabling him to learn from experts in the field while being gainfully employed.

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